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Oculus Rift down all over the world thanks to a single mistake

There was going to be another VR Diaries today but Oculus users the world over have been kicked out of the Matrix due to an admin error their end, so we’re gonna put a cork in that for the time being and instead bring you a little bit of information about the outage.

Problems began in the morning, but Oculus maintained radio silence until a good five hours after that, during which time many users assumed it was an error their end and reinstalled the app ad nauseam. The response was a tweet that didn’t really do much to explain why it had happened, but diligent Reddit users have found the problem and offered numerous workarounds.

The whole mess originates from a security certificate within the software that expired today – without a valid certificate the launcher won’t work to update itself with the new certificate. Some Reddit users have found success by altering the time and date on their computer but that’s not the best fix – it could cause further difficulties as Windows assumes you’re trying to tamper with the software. Don’t pick up any extra stress!

The internet will surely be replete with information when the issue is finally fixed, but we’ll update this post with any new information (if we’re not safely tucked in bed by then).

It’s cold out in the real world, guys. I’d kill a man just to see one Ugandan Knuckles click past me.

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