Numskull reveal official merch range for The Division 2

by MaddOx
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Are you a gamer who has to have the gear to match the game you’re playing? Maybe you just want people to know what you’re playing so you can find new buddies to play with, or maybe, you just want to look bad ass. Well, thanks to Numskull, those who will want to kit up ready for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 now can.

That’s because today they unveiled their new The Division 2 range. And best of all? It’s available worldwide, so no one has to miss out.

Some of the stuff revealed includes a steel mug, a canvas wallet, a flashbang keychain (we don’t think it is a real flashbang but who knows) and a flag snapback cap.

Numskull merch from the division 2 range, consisting of mug, wallet, keychain and hat.

You can find all the mentioned merch and more by clicking HERE to go to Numskull’s website.

For more news, click HERE.

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