No More Heroes III set for release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in 2020!

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Grasshopper Manufacture has announced a 2020 release date for No More Heroes III, a brand new entry in the No More Heroes franchise exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, during Nintendo’s E3 2019 Nintendo Direct video presentation. Taking place ten years after the original No More HeroesNo More Heroes III follows Travis Touchdown as he returns to his former home of Santa Destroy. There he encounters a huge artificial metropolis floating in the sea and a mysterious flying object high above the city. What crazy dangerous assassins will he have to face in this strange new world?

Director Goichi Suda, or Suda51, said:

After the Nintendo Switch unveiling conference in 2017, we released Travis Strikes Again this year, and now we are finally able to make the dream of No More Heroes III a reality. We’re working hard on development day in and day out to ensure that NMHIII goes above and beyond the expectations of all the fans who have been waiting for the game for so long, and we’re going to be rolling it out in 2020. May the Switch be with you!

In addition to Robin Atkin Downes and Paula Tiso returning to their roles as Travis Touchdown and Sylvia Christel, No More Heroes III features an all-new original score composed by musician and actor Nobuaki Kaneko of the band RIZE.

No More Heroes III is scheduled for an exclusive Nintendo Switch release in 2020. Please stay tuned for more information.

Product Information

  • Title: No More Heroes III
  • Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Release: 2020
  • Price: TBD
  • Genre: Action
  • Rating: RP
  • Copyright: ©Marvelous Inc. / Grasshopper Manufacture
  • General Director: SUDA51
  • No More Heroes 3 Debut Trailer:
  • Facebook:@grasshopper.manufacture
  • Twitter:@Grasshopper_EN  and @suda_51
  • Instagram: goichisuda

Nobuaki Kaneko

No More Heroes III Lead Composer
Member (drummer) of rock band RIZE.
Started performing solo in 2009 under his own name, ‘Nobuaki Kaneko’. He has also proven his talent as an actor as well, performing in many popular movies, TV series, and commercials. Official site:

Comments: I’m extremely fortunate to have this awesome opportunity! Let’s do this, Travis!

Robin Atkin Downes

Voice: Travis Touchdown
Official site:

Comments: I’m really looking forward to voicing Travis again; the NMH players have always been incredibly supportive and kind when it comes to my voice work within the games, and I’m glad we can give them something new to sink their teeth into! The opportunity to work with both SUDA51 and Grasshopper again is very exciting, and I can’t wait for the game’s release next year, so everyone can see what we’ve been working on!

Paula Tiso

Voice: Sylvia Christel
Official site:

Comments: I’m thrilled to be reprising my role as Sylvia Christel for No More Heroes III. Sylvia has always been a favorite character of mine and I’m so excited to see what SUDA51 and Grasshopper are creating for the NMH community. It’s an honor to be part of this epic game, and I can’t wait til 2020 to share the fun with everyone!

Yusuke Kozaki

No More Heroes III lead character designer

Kozaki is a top creator who has worked not only in illustration and manga, but has also flexed his skills in character design for a wide variety of genres including anime and video games as well. His works have been highly praised both domestically and overseas. Some of his most notable character design work has been for the No More Heroes and Fire Emblem series, as well as Pokémon Go.

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