Nintendo E3 Conference roundup

As a guy who grew up on Nintendo before making the move onto PC. I always have a soft spot for anything they release. I’ve had almost every console they have ever released. I was beyond excited with the announcement of the Switch, so much so that I pre-ordered it the second it became available. I have been more than happy with my Switch, but with its very shallow pool of games right now, my fun has been somewhat capped, the Nintendo E3 show couldn’t come soon enough. I went into this with high expectations and I was not disappointed.

The show begun with a little teaser video, showing some of the upcoming titles, some we knew were coming and a few we didn’t expect. It started with ARMS, took a detour through Rocket League straight to Pokken DX, one last stop off at FIFA 18 before finishing the journey with Splatoon 2. Things were looking good. My hype continued to grow and as Reggie Fils-Amié popped up it was through the roof.

The talk about games begins and we all watch intently. As Reggie grabs hold of our attention and fastens it into this rollercoaster of emotions we’re about to experience, he decides we’re ready to throw to the first game. We start on a real high note, Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They didn’t show a whole lot of gameplay initially, but what they did show looked beautiful, and with a release date of “Holiday 2017” I’d have been happy with just this, but the ride went on. Kirby was up next, with this one we saw a LOT of gameplay and boy did it look fun. Instantly I was thrown back to my childhood, even my son got excited about it and I was excited to share it with him, it’s a shame I’d have to wait until 2018 to do so!

A couple of days ago, Nintendo held a short Pokémon Direct, where they announced that Pokken DX for the Switch would be arriving on September 22nd and Ultra Sun/Moon for the 3DS was going to be here on November 17th, both this year, so I wasn’t expecting any Pokémon announcements… So, when Tsunekazu Ishihara from the Pokémon Company popped up, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Some talk of Pokken DX was to be expected, but when he announced that Game Freak has begun work on a main series Pokémon RPG for the Switch… BOY, I lost it. I completely lost it. Sure, it’s going to be 2018 and I would imagine for sure the back end, but I lost my mind.

And the hype didn’t stop there Shinya Takahashi decides now is the time to pop a tiny teaser in for yet another amazing game. Metroid Prime 4. This guy, he knows how to line ‘em up and knock ‘em down. A few funny looks from my wife and child later and we move back into something we can all enjoy. With some gameplay of a new Yoshi’s Wooly World coming in 2018, after playing some older Mario games and Mario Kart 8 with my son, he was really excited to see Yoshi and boy, that makes me feel great. Knowing that he’s happy to walk the same path I did.

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Dynasty Warriors, but I have had some fun with those titles and when Hyrule Warriors was released, it definitely grabbed my attention. But, Fire Emblem Warriors, my oh my. As soon as “Fall 2017” too?! Man, this is just getting better and better. The catalogue may not be huge by the end of this year, but it’s going to have some solid titles.

Next up we have Eiji Aonuma, he talks about the Nintendo Switch version of Skyrim, as fun as it may be to play through that game again, I was personally more excited for news of the DLC for Breath of the Wild and they showed not one but TWO of the packs. First up we had “The Master Trials”, this pack includes Hero’s Path mode, Trial of the Sword (horde mode?), Master Mode (hard mode), new armour and a brand new Korok Mask, some of the armour looked tight and we saw Majoras Mask, this is going to be great! This was followed by “The Champions Ballad” while I’m not 100% sure what this DLC is going to be, it did look like a prequel as it features the 4 champions in their living form. Also alongside this, was the announcement of some new Amiibo figures. They look fantastic.

Reggie returns to pass us over to Yves Guillemot from Ubisoft to show off Mario + Rabbids which looks kinda fun, it’s Mario + Rabbids + Xcom, or at least that’s how it appears, we get to experience this on August 29th, 2017, the baton was passed yet again to Jeremy Dunham and Corey Davis of Psyonix as they would like to share with the world, that Rocket League is coming to Switch! We’re getting exclusive cars, exclusive toppers, cross-platform play, NICE! Now, I already have 2 copies of this, I got one free with Playstation+ and then I purchased it for PC, I have a good 400 or so hours on this game and I’m always willing to put more into it. Will I buy it a third time? DEFINITELY. I can only hope that they bring out a physical release, as I’d rather carry more cartridges than have to stuff this onto a micro SD.

Now… The big one! Super Mario Odyssey. We’re shown footage of all the different worlds Mario will be exploring, we see some of the core mechanics, hat transformations, Mario becomes a bloody T-Rex and a tank! We see some 2D Mario, we see the wedding costumes which are to be turned into Amiibo, some bosses, all backed by a beautiful track.

This game is due on the 27th October 2017 and boy does it look good. It’s looking to be lined up alongside the likes of Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine as one of the best games in the series and I really think it will be! This isn’t all we were shown for Super Mario Odyssey as once they handed over to the Treehouse we were blessed with some actual gameplay and I tell you, it seemed as fun as the trailer made it look. The hype is real folks, the hype is real.

Had enough yet? No? Do you want more? Well, after the show finished, we were handed over to the Treehouse where Samantha Robertson was joined by guests to show off gameplay and talk shop about some of the games we saw due out this year. It was great to see and seemed really laid back. I wasn’t expecting any more announcements, however, we see Sam joined by the one and only Reggie who has another little secret to share with you all, this time for the 3DS, Reggie pulls out his new 2DS XL, he talks about the games he’s playing but that’s not what we’re here for, tell us your secret Reggie! Well, we’re getting more Metroid folks! Specifically Metroid: Samus Returns, this is to be a “reimagination” of the old Metroid II: Return of Samus, developed by Mercury Steam and boy does it look good. We saw a lot of gameplay for this, we saw free-aiming (full 360-degree range), Melee Counter attacks, new abilities and one of the most awesome things to me, that the game’s soundtrack is being composed by a couple of the composers from Super Metroid! We’re also getting 2 more new Amiibo, the Metroid one is squishy, how cool!

What’s more, we’re getting Metroid: Samus Returns this year! Specifically September 15th. Honestly, the treehouse did not disappoint, some great talk and what’s more we got to see gameplay from Super Mario Odyssey, Metroid: Samus Returns, Mario + Rabbids, Fire Emblem Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and finally a Mario & Luigi Super Saga remake.

The rollercoaster comes to an end, so how did Nintendo do? Well, if you ask me, they absolutely killed it. They announced some fantastic games for this year and some ridiculous ones for 2018. The only thing missing was a new/remastered Super Smash Brothers title, I guess we can’t have everything, but this was close enough! The future of the Switch is looking incredible and I am glad I got mine while I had the chance. I can see the demand for this little beauty skyrocketing in the near future. If you haven’t picked one up yet but were thinking about it, it may be worth grabbing one as soon as you have an opportunity, because the future is bright for this little guy.

Nintendo wins E3.

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