In need of a good bashing: Nidhogg 2 review

Being a fan of competitive gaming and eSports, it is no wonder that I am always on the lookout for the latest and best competitive games out there. Fighting games and FPS have always been two of my favourite genres, so it is no wonder that I own quite the lot between the two. As of lately, it has become extremely difficult to make a statement in both genres of gaming, as colossi such as Call of Duty or Battlefield in FPS and Tekken and Street Fighter in the fighting scene are always ahead of the competition. It has thus become a necessity for games to implement an element of diversity which stands out so much that it permits the game to overcome the barrier set up by these titles and make a name for itself in the genre.

It is precisely for an element which stands out that Nidhogg has risen to popularity among gamers. For the very few of you who have never heard of it, Nidhogg is a one versus one 2D game where the objective is to get to a finish line, which is on the side of your opponent. You are able to move towards your goal once you kill your opponent once. There are a number of screens which you must traverse in order to win the game, and since your opponent has the exact same task as you, you can find yourself in long matches in the middle screen to then find the necessary momentum to finish it within seconds of getting past the first hurdle. It is definitely a tactical game and one which is not won by mashing or sprinting in front.

Nidhogg 2 takes the same base which made the original so famous and adds some variations which help take it to the next level. For instance, there are entirely diverse maps where the action can take place, which already differentiates the game a lot from the first one, which had only one map. Another variation of the game is that you are able to traverse a screen after killing your opponent once, and this counts for every new screen entered. The first game let you jump over your opponent aimlessly to your goal after getting one kill, which could be a little too easy for competent players against lesser experienced ones. The second game feels much more balanced in terms of opportunity, even though an expert will still have his way over an inexperienced player.  Another element of innovation which is probably the most groundbreaking of the lot is the different weapons which the players will have access to. There is the standard fencing sword, just like in the first Nidhogg, but there are also two other weapons. There is a sword, which covers less distance but more height and also a cross-bow, which obviously covers the most range of all weapons but is very impracticable at melee range. Your character spawns with one of these weapons in sequence one after the other. The different weapons can force players to adopt new play styles and strategies, which will make the game all the more improvised and entertaining.

Nidhogg 2 adds the tournament option in the matches menu, letting you create a local multiplayer tournament, with the option of double elimination as well. This makes it a very suitable title for parties and get-togethers as there is no doubt a winner of a tournament between friends will get massive bragging rights. Last but not least, Nidhogg 2 also introduces character customisation in the form of a quick “build’em up” before each game, letting you choose a head, torso and feet from a preset bunch. While not groundbreaking, this gives the game more personality than its predecessor, giving it once again the feeling that progress has been made.

Nidhogg 2 represents everything a sequel of a game should be. It builds on a very strong base and adds content all around, bettering every area of the already very good Nidhogg. Adding a couple extra features to the pot was the finishing touch of what will surely make Nidhogg 2 a classic one to own.



  • excellent game which will provide hours of fun, both locally and online
  • different weapons spawning without the player’s control will shake up gameplay
  • new maps will introduce different ways to challenge your opponent

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