Next phase in PlayerLands’ development begins with beta rollout

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PlayerLands allows server owners to monetise games through player-friendly shops inside the game’s UI; offering a simple, seamless trading experience for buyers and vendors of virtual goods.

Developers and server owners signing up to the service will be able to sell virtual, in-game items, subscriptions and DLC, as well as offering sales and discounts, letting them commercialise their games. It also provides industry-standard reporting and feedback on all those activities in support of PlayerLands‘ core aim: helping customers grow their businesses.

The beta test will let the first users of the service create and launch shops to support their games. Whether that’s a group of friends wanting to fund their personal server, or an enterprise turning over $millions, the platform is designed to be simple to use, and crucially, to let customers keep as much of their revenue as possible. The entry-level plan incurs no monthly fee, making it ideal for those looking to test the waters — and the commercial viability of their games servers.

As well as building the platform, PlayerLands has finalised deals with the most important payment partners to enable a smooth cash-in and cash-out process for users. Co-founder Alex Booth said:

To make this as simple as possible for customers we’ve put deals in place with the industry’s leading payment partners that are now pre-integrated with the platform. Setting up a store takes just a few clicks — there’s no deal-making or technical knowledge needed.

The PlayerLands team will be closely monitoring the early stages of the platform’s first beta phase. Co-founder, Nick Gillett said:

We want this rollout to be as smooth as possible and will be working the customer service channels personally. It’s important to be responsive. We want to use this process as a learning experience to make sure everything we’re doing is as useful as possible for developers, server owners, and players.

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