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New Xbox game subscription service announced

Much like the announcement of backwards compatibility, Microsoft has launched a new stratagem to try and topple Sony who was recently reported to have the top-selling console in January. That’s right, it was announced yesterday that Xbox will be launching Xbox Game Pass in Spring 2017, their rival subscription service to PlayStation Now.

The differences between the two services are quite substantial, and it seems that Microsoft has learnt from the failings of their competitor. One of the main issues I had when testing PlayStation Now was that it was purely a streaming service, and despite having a 70mb broadband connection, the quality of streams was terrible. There I was playing a Nascar game, as I’m taking the pack on a bend, the stream cuts out and I crash into a wall, by the time the connection recovers it’s too late to claw back a decent result. Same happened again in almost every game I played, which is why the fact that you can download the games you play on Xbox Game Pass is a massive advantage because it means no glitches.

Not just that but instead of focusing on previous generation games, they’re using current generation titles; games like Halo 5, Mad Max and Lego Batman, there’s literally something for all the family. The impressive bit though is it manages to do everything whilst coming in under the price of PlayStation Now, and if you choose that you want to purchase the games you’ve tried out, you’ll get an exclusive discount to make it a permanent addition to your library.

There’s still a fair bit more to know about it all, but instead of boring you, I’ll just leave a link HERE which will take you to Microsoft’s official page for Xbox Game Pass.

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