New The Sinking City Video Is A Warning Vision

by MaddOx
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Frogwares, the studio behind the upcoming Lovecraft-inspired investigation game The Sinking City, has released a dream-like video that’s supposed to be a warning of what lies ahead. The catch? You have to solve a mystery on their Facebook page first to see it.

To see the warning and to test your detective skills, visit The Sinking City’s Facebook page, see their post from June 21st, and enter only the solution in the comments. If you did it right, you should receive a private message from the page with an ominous warning – and a link to the vision. What does the vision say? It’s hard to make out. But it suggests that the player should watch out for certain locations in the game.

You can check out the Facebook post in question below:

Let us know if you manage to crack the code and view the latest The Sinking City video. If not, maybe you can search the comments and just copy the most popular answers to see if you’re right. If anyone asks though, we didn’t tell you to cheat, it was someone else, perhaps a strange masked character wearing a long dark cloak who whispered to you from a bush. Sounds believable enough right? Good.

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