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National Videogame Arcade celebrates 30 years of Dizzy

Back in the 80s the Oliver Twins created a game about an egg called Dizzy. Now, they may not have known it at the time, but Dizzy would go on to be one of the most popular video game characters in Europe. This year marks Dizzy’s 30th birthday, and so to celebrate, the National Videogame Arcade are hosting a special eggshibition.

The dedicated room will not just feature playable Dizzy games, but also feature lots original artwork, vintage items from the Oliver Twins’ bedroom, and a whole host of behind the scenes stuff that shows how the games were created. What’s more, at the unveiling of the event, as well as doing talks, the Oliver Twins will also be announcing a new Dizzy game.

Here’s what all the parties involved had to say:

“We’re delighted that the National Videogame Arcade has chosen to honour Dizzy with his own room in the museum to celebrate his 30th Anniversary.”

Philip Oliver

“We’re so proud people still harbour such fond memories of the Dizzy games, and we hope people will enjoy the behind the scenes information about how the games were made as well as a chance to play them again.”

Andrew Oliver

“We’re extremely proud of Dizzy, the leading UK games character in the 80’s and one of the pillars upon which Codemasters grew. 30 years later we’re pleased to see new Dizzy games released with royalties being donated to charities.”

Frank Sagnier, CEO of Dizzy publisher Codemasters

If you’d like to found our more about the National Videogame Arcade and maybe arrange a visit to see the Dizzy eggshibit, you can get all the necessary info on their website HERE.

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