NASCAR Heat 4 Showcases Gander Trucks at Watkins Glen International

by MaddOx
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NASCAR Heat 4 brings groundbreaking new customization choices to the series, giving players options never before seen in a NASCAR game, including pre-built custom seasons in Championship mode and the ability to play each series (Gander Truck, Xfinity, Monster Energy Series) on different tracks. Now, 704Games has revealed a new trailer showing off one of these new possibilities: a Gander Truck Series race at Watkins Glen International!

NASCAR Heat 4 builds on the series’ legacy sporting a brand-new look and feel for an even more realistic racing rush on 38 virtual tracks across the country. Experience stunning visual and audio enhancements, an upgraded user interface, and new tire models for various track types. The game also boasts a deeper career mode where players can operate and manage their own team and, for the first time, start in any series included in the game.

NASCAR Heat 4 launches this September on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Fans can pre-order the game’s standard edition or the game’s Gold Edition at and major retailers.

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