Mythgard – See How it Plays in New Video

by MaddOx
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There are exactly three things we want you to know ahead of the Mythgard Open Beta / Early Access launch coming September 19.


A new ‘how to play’ video is now up on YouTube (you can catch it below too). You should watch it! Might just help to sum the game up for you so you can jump in.


Starting now (now!) content creators are invited to apply for partnership status. For those of you who are interested, further information and the application form can be found in the Mythgard Discord server. 


Alright, this might not seem like a big deal to you but it’s an important milestone for the developers and I think it’s worth mentioning: the game has now been approved by Apple for launching on iOS. This means that pre-orders for Android and iOS are now live for both platforms’ respective storefronts.

  • Android pre-order link.
  • iOS pre-order link.

We march ever closer to the Mythgard Open Beta and the entire team at Rhino can’t wait to share it with you.

Mythgard Key Features

  • 400+ cards featuring gorgeous art
  • Play solo, 1v1, or even 2v2
  • Solo story campaign, draft, and rank modes
  • In and around game social features, including spectator mode, replay, and a Mythgard Twitch extension for streamers
  • Play using the same account across Steam, iOS, and Android

Key Links 

The Open Beta is coming to Steam (Windows & Mac), Google Play, and the App Store September 19, 2019. 

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