My Arcade Shapes Up For a Hot Summer

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My Arcade, the go-to source for all things retro in gaming, announced today shipping of a new line of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. and Taito Micro Players, available now at the end of Summer across Europe.

Available from retail partners across the continent, this brand new Micro Player range presents gamers with a scaled-down table-top experience; complete with a stick, action buttons and authentic marque artwork. Officially-licensed from the superpowers, these playable collectables allow gamers to step back in time and relive those classic moments.

This latest Micro Player line-up delivers three massively popular titles, including BUBBLE BOBBLE (Taito), Ms. PAC-MAN and ROLLING THUNDER (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.) — all deserving of their place in arcade folklore — offering ageless, addictive and hugely enjoyable gameplay.

Irresistible to collectors and arcade fans alike, the Micro Player range is replete with design and artwork inspired by the original cabinets: full-colour screens, backlit coin traps and a detachable joystick for those who prefer the directional pad.

Amir Navid, Creative Director for My Arcade commented:

We’re so excited to be bringing these classic titles to Europe. Ms. PAC-MAN needs no introduction, she is one of the most recognized and memorable arcades of all time, her iconic blue and pink cabinet was an honour to recreate in Micro Player format. BUBBLE BOBBLE is a beloved classic, its fun, addictive gameplay, catchy music and challenging pace contribute to it consistently being ranked among the best games of all time, ROLLING THUNDER is a cult classic, a forgotten gem, a must for those who love action spy movies, espionage, and exhilarating side-scrolling shoot-em-ups.

The Micro Player range is shipping now from Amazon and all leading game retailers. For more information on the manufacturer and its wide array of retro gaming products, please visit and their Facebook and follow on Twitter.

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