Murasaki7 Launches Early Access on Google Play Store

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Chamoji announced that mobile game Murasaki7 is globally available on Early Access for ​Google Play Store​ from Monday, December 9, 2019.

Murasaki7 is a new, exciting spin on the Anime Puzzle-RPG genre featuring a unique story with over 200 levels and several other game modes to enjoy.

The Beginning of the End

When the best of humanity discovered the planet Gaia XV, they aimed to create a new, technologically advanced world where justice and order dominate above all. Believing computers are incorruptible, the hyper-intelligent, self-learning AI, Genesis, was developed to control computers and machinery, as well as to rule over all of Gaia XV’s inhabitants.

Unfortunately, a twisted idea formed in the AI’s logic: designed to protect humanity, the AI found out that the greatest danger to people are themselves. Thus, it aims to release the planet’s noxious gases that would put everyone in a permanent, unconscious state, after which Genesis can care for everyone in stasis.

With the fate of the planet hanging on the balance, Ellie Reigns travels across Gaia XV in search for weapons and warriors that can put an end to Genesis’s tyranny!

Get Ahead of the Game!

Users who ​ pre-registered​ for the game will receive a 5-star character, Ellie Reigns aside from Welcome Gift Pack containing 2,000 Gems, 3-day Gaianite and Player EXP Booster, and 15,000 Gaianite that will be given to all new players.

Murasaki7 Welcome Gift info
There will be no data wipe so users are encouraged to play as early as they can.

Available Game Modes

★ Adventure – Follow the story of Murasaki7 (Murasaki Seven) and help the Angels liberate Gaia XV by defeating the enemies.

★ Blitz Raid – Earn points by dealing damage to enemy boss within the limited time and receive daily and monthly rewards for being part of the leaderboards.

★ ​ Daily Missions ​ – Play daily missions to earn hero materials and Gaianite!

★ Friendship Quest – Complete puzzle quests with your friends and receive rewards depending on the difficulty of the task.

★ PvP (Coming Soon) – Compete with players of your calibre, climb the rankings, and try to stay on top.

Murasaki7 game features

Minimum Specs for Device

Android OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow Memory: 3GB

Android OS: Android 9.0 Pie Memory: 4GB

Developed by Chamoji​ , Murasaki7, a puzzle game filled with kawaii anime girls is now available on Android with the iOS version to follow.

To learn more about Murasaki7, visit the following channels:

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