Most Bizarre Game of 2019 Reveals Gameplay Overview Trailer

by MaddOx
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Ladies and gentlemen! Only one week before the most profound and sorrow performance starts and tinyBuild’s Pathologic 2 hits Steam. As you’re anxiously waiting for potentially the most bizarre game of 2019, we’ve got something exciting to share: a new trailer that sheds some light onto the core gameplay and lots of unusual things that make this game so special.

Like and share the news and the trailer of this bizarre game with friends, or hate and talk others out of watching it: the choice is yours to make. But hopefully, the developers will see you soon on the shores of Gorkhon. If not, they may come looking for you anyway because we’re guessing if someone’s mind can come up with this concept, then stalking you may not be entirely out of the question.

Useful links

If you want to find out more about the game, maybe even chat with the developers, you’ll find all the links you need below, including the official site, the game’s steam page and its discord channel.

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