Mind Palace is out now – Monkey King gets a 2nd DLC

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The new DLC Mind Palace is out now and available for $9.99 on PC and PlayStation 4.

The Great Sage held a secret while he was sealed inside the crystal for all those centuries… namely, the fact that he was actually training diligently! Despite being cast away in a crystal deep inside the elemental mountains by none other than the Buddha himself, the Great Sage never gave up!

Experience this training for yourself as it unfolds in a series of missions across action-packed stages that are filled with gimmicks and traps different from those found in the main game.

Watch the trailer for Mind Palace below:

Get Monkey King: Hero is Back – Mind Palace:

But there is more! With the “Paradise Mode” and the “Desperation Mode”, Monkey King is getting two additional difficulty settings. The “Paradise Mode” allows the player to enjoy the story without having to overcome the challenging fights, “Desperation Mode” on the other hand makes the game much harder and is for those players, who really want to test their skills.



About Monkey King: Hero is Back

Kung-Fu. Adventure. Chinese mythology. A boy named Liuer. A Monkey King. A 500-year old Chinese tale. All combined in a fun, frantic, funny action-adventure set in a bright, detailed and adorable fantasy world. Explore Monkey King’s hidden powers, engaging sense of humour, battling animal-like creatures and other-worldly bosses, all taken from the Chinese box office mega-hit of the same name. Play out new never-before-seen side stories in this, the latest adaptation of the Journey to the West.

  • Combination of comical oriental action and adventure
  • Simple controls and manoeuvrability
  • Unique and quirky weaponry
  • Easy – going pace
  • Family-friendly difficulty levels
  • Learn special abilities and extraordinary moves
  • A fascinating blend of Chinese Mythology and Eastern Art
  • Never before seen episodes and highlights from the movie
Monkey King artwork but not of Mind Palace

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