Microphone solution for YouTubers

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A new kit put together by Sandberg makes it easy for you to create a complete microphone installation that will enable you to record your voice with very high quality.

The holder in the kit ensures that the microphone will be positioned perfectly in front of your mouth. A wind cover reduces airborne noise, while the pop filter included decreases noise from, for example, ‘P’ sounds. The microphone is suspended in a ‘shock mount’, which counteracts vibration noise.
Sandberg USB Microphone Kit gif

The microphone itself is also very high quality, of course, and produces crystal-clear sound recordings.

Anders Petersen, Brand Director at Sandberg A/S commented:

A sound recording can be completely ruined by a coffee cup being put on the desk, the door opening or a P-sound being pronounced a bit hard. Our kit can be used by anyone who needs to create quality sound recordings without it costing a fortune from the outset.

The kit can be purchased online from Sandberg’s website, where you can also find information about the nearest distributor. For more information, go to WWW.SANDBERG.IT.

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