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Meet the new members of the Sandberg EsportsEquipment family

The EsportsEquipment range was released by Sandberg last year, and at that time they had no idea what the future would hold. Since then, the brand has grown so quickly and become so popular that they were almost unable to keep up with demand according to Anders Partida Petersen, the Product Manager at Sandberg, who stated:

“…the entire EsportsEquipment range has simply sold so fast that we’ve had problems keeping up with demand. High-quality products for gamers at reasonable prices have certainly proved to be something the market wanted.”

The time has come now though where they are able to meet that increase in demand and are finally getting around to add new models to the range. Petersen went on to say:

“It’s taken us longer than we expected…We now hope that the addition of several new products can spread the load, enabling us to deliver consistently despite high demand.”

As part of the expansion of their range, Sandberg has today announced two new gaming mouse models to join their already existing Blast Mouse (which our newest staff member Torax is currently reviewing).

The first new member of the family we can introduce you to is the Eliminator MouseThis is the one for those on a budget; cheaper than the rest of the range but not lacking in quality, the Eliminator has everything you could need for gaming. Developed with a metal plate on the bottom, it is designed for precision movement and accuracy, with six buttons, some lovely LEDs and a nylon-clad cable. And if that doesn’t sell it to you, then maybe the standard five-year Sandberg guarantee will, after all, it’s not every day you see an offer like that.


The second new family member is the Sniper Mouse. This falls bang in the middle of the other two price wise, but has one major difference…it can be used wirelessly. That’s right, you have the choice as to whether or not you attach the cable to use it, or you use voodoo magic that allows you do operate the Sniper wire free. The scroll wheel is a little thicker on this model, and it has two additional buttons compared to the Eliminator, which come in handy for the Sniper’s media mode that allows you to switch track, adjust volume etc. as you play your games. Again, this also comes with the standard five-year Sandberg guarantee, as a symbol of their belief in the quality of their products.


Keep an eye out for more news from Sandberg and also our review of their Blast Mouse and more.

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