Liberate Paris from the machines rebellion in Singularity 5

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Singularity 5 moves the ‘VR’ experience up a big notch with this epic and ambitious 5 level arcade focused shooter, set in Paris in 2050! Developed by Monochrome, a French indie developer, this self funded and in house inspired title offers skillfully crafted settings with an impressive audio mastery that enhances the whole dynamics of the game. Its stunning vistas, complement the linear story, that opens up a world of a dystopian society. With Easy, Medium and Hard modes selectable, Singularity 5 is accessible and caters to all play styles.

JB Grasset at Monochrome had tthis to say:

We have seen and played a number of VR titles and our aim was to offer a fresh approach to our title, combining, looks, immersiveness, a challenge and a real sensory feel of being right in the centre of the action, which I feel we have achieved.

Singularity 5 is available on PC via Steam and is compatible with Vive, WMR and Oculus Rift.

Steam Store:

Oculus Rift Store:

VivePort Store:

Check out the final trailer below:

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