League of Angels III — Love is (still) in the air

by MaddOx
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Valentine’s Day has come and gone — your only lasting recollection may be a less than stellar bank balance. Fear not though, for in League of Angels III the love lives on … the gifts are all yours and The Lunar Festival could put a blossoming spring in your step.

The Valentine’s Holiday invites players to collect teddy bears and sweet chocolates in exchange for gorgeous outfits like Amora’s Gift, Lunar Blaze, Holiday Vestments and tons of special items at the shop.

Happily, this also coincides with the Lunar Festival Holiday Event, where all creatures will go through a period of re-birth (also known as The Blossoming Spring). What does this mean for players? An all-new outfit, Lunar Blaze can be obtained in various events where tons of items can be won — like exclusive tokens or strings of firecrackers and even more spring festival tickets.

A new Wheel of Fortune Event also sees a brand new mount enter the fray, a Mount Lunar Beast — Blackpyre. Spin to win and gain enhancements in battle and greatly increases the HP, ATK and DEF of your heroes (improving your BR by over 50,000).

Finally, following on from the heroic celebrations surrounding Theresa last month — it’s now Victoria’s turn to be immortalised as the first Mythic Angel to appear in the game. With her two Divine Armas: Dawn Sword and Dusk Shield in hand, she feels sure she can lead the Angels to victory. The most powerful defensive hero so far, she has three key skills: Dawn’s Light, Dusk Slash and Victory Dance.

To find lots of love, lunar gifts and more head over to the League of Angels III site to play the game. You can find it by clicking HERE.

For more news, just click HERE.

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