New Hero arrives in League of Angels 3

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Halloween makes way for a new hero in League of Angels III – All hail Helena!

Are you seeing dead pumpkins? Rotting, neglected and way past their freshly carved and bright orange pomp? This should tell you one thing, actually two things: a) people should allow pumpkins to die with some dignity b) Halloween is just, so, *over*.

However, with the holiday season just around the corner, LOA3 is getting set to do it all again … for Thanksgiving, for Hanukah, for Christmas — and for Helena! — LOA3’s new Hero.

New Hero in November

A new Mythic+ ATK Hero, Helena is fearless on the battlefield. Like an ever-blossoming flower amidst the carnage of constant conflict, there’s nothing rotten or neglected about this new combatant. Born into a noble family, Helena possesses unparalleled potential in magic.

The prophets say that she was born from magic, and will die from magic. Negative but also thought-provoking. Prophets can be a bit like that.

League of Angels III New Hero Helena
Featured Hero – Helena – Powerful ATK Hero, Flower of Death

‘Resource Tycoon’

Fans have been talking up Resource Tycoon, which landed in late October. Its popularity may stem from the act that it helps players get loads of game items and enhance their game experience. To make things more interesting, players can compete with players on their own server or other servers available through the game.

With generous rewards exclusively for the winner. Resource Tycoon is still playable throughout November, so

Artefacts, Relics and Equipment

Artefact items have also been available in-game for a while. These items can help players increase their BR quite significantly. Additionally, there is a new Artefact Relic to be launched in November; with players having the chance to win Equipment through the ongoing Resource Tycoon Event!

Hero Promotion

In order to offer a bit more power to the players (as well as a bit more fun?) a new feature called Hero Promotion is all set to launch this month. As the name suggests, Hero Promotion effectively ‘promotes’ heroes — improving their attributes and igniting their more latent talents — making some quite dramatic differences to some gameplay scenarios.


LOA3 is also amping up for a proper Thanksgiving party. Players can look forward to new Outfits and Titles, as well as a new game mode “Search for the Redeemed Turkey”. While this may sound hilarious, finding redeeming turkeys is serious business! (It’s actually just hilarious.)

League of Angels III

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