League of Angels Celebrates Its First Anniversary

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League of Angels III, the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG published on GTarcade by YOOZOO Games is all set for first anniversary celebrations. One year has fairly flown by, but during this time, LOA3 has quickly amassed a large international fan base, hitting Facebook’s ‘Featured Big Games’ on four separate occasions. 

League of Angels III would not have been able to enjoy such recognition without the loyalty of its fans. So, by way of thanking those fans for all that support, the development team have designed a series of anniversary events which give something back to the players, with plenty of rewarding features for all fans to enjoy. 

First up, fans can check out the ‘Journey Milestones’ feature, where players can recap and review the best bits of LOA3 from its first year; including their own personal highlights. On top of that, there are also new outfits, new wings and new mounts — and fans who sign-in every day during the celebrations will also receive an exclusive anniversary outfit. 

Set to offer a premium gaming experience for the players, the anniversary events will also include some great discounts on in-app items, including Hero Store, Equipment Store and Wings Store — as well as items such as the Mounts Advance Stones, Wings Advance Stones and EXP Scroll II. To take advantage of these offers, players should use the code: LOA3NEWBIE2019.

In a message to the players, the LOA3’s developers said:

We will continue to try our very best to let players experience better and more interesting ways of playing. We hope more and more players will join us and love our games. Once again — thanks to all our players!

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