Keep the beat in rhythm-based Muse Dash

by MaddOx
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The music games genre is such a wide-spanning concept, with few titles yearly, but so much ingenuity present. Rhythm-based music games ask us to focus in and perfect our rhythm in some incredibly satisfying ways and Muse Dash is no different. Set up as a “level” each song in Muse Dash has you jump, dash, and kick your way to beat. Enemies and notes will fly your way, with the goal being to hit each one to the tune of the song you chose. Combo-building is present and so are high scores. And Bryden Keks of Evolve PR states:

It’s incredibly hard not to be pulled back in to best your last try.

Bryden goes on to say:

Muse Dash at first blush might not immediately speak to your taste, but can confirm that it’s incredibly fun and worth taking a look at. For research, the team sent me a copy while writing the initial press release and it completely hooked me. The controls are simple (2-button mapping) but the way each song plays out leans into my want to perfect each stage, and that was only on normal! What’s even more fantastic is that each genre of music is represented differently in-game, leading to a lot of variety while playing. Also, it’s just plain cute and we all need a little more of that in our lives.

I started off hesitant that it was for me and now I can’t help but pick it up for a few minutes when I want to scratch that rhythm-based itch.

Sooo, I said I’d be succinct and I’ll keep it at that. To note, we’ll have keys in June so you should 100% hit that request button above if any of what I’ve said has spoken to you.

Thanks a bunch for reading what Bryden had to say and he wishes you all a great rest of your week!

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