Is Battle for Azeroth launching too soon?

Well, today has been an absolute feast of gaming news – Spyro: Reignited, Spider-Man – but one of the juiciest nuggets for me personally has been the Battle for Azeroth launch date reveal. On the 14th of August all out war begins in World of Warcraft and I’m going to be even more glued to the MMO than I am already, my disgusting ret-pally self lobbing hammers at gnomes on the daily.

The community reaction has been… varied, to put it kindly, with some keen to end the content drought as early as possible, and just as many concerned the expansion is being rushed out as quickly as possible, meaning it won’t launch with balanced classes or all the promised features. Me? I’m just glad my bored paladin is going to have something else to do besides failing RNG chances every. single. time. I’ve unlocked Highmountain Tauren and Nightborne, I’m even levelling Alliance side to get collect some more purple elves, and besides rep/gear grinds with a friend Legion is quickly fizzling out. If Battle for Azeroth is launching earlier with more features to be patched in/properly balanced later on, that’s a price I’m willing to pay, but of course that all depends on if the reactions from the alpha as it stands persist.

“Only one of us wanted this war…”

The collector’s edition was also announced today, and despite already pre-purchasing the digital deluxe, I’m anticipating dropping the extra dough for it. Look at that goddamn coin. Blizz have also mentioned that anyone buying the physical deluxe will have the balance of their original purchase refunded which I look forward to immediately wasting on WoW tokens, the resulting gold immediately chucked away on mounts. I’m a sucker for a nice cardboard box.

I’m heading onto the alpha myself in the next few days and will definitely post up some impressions as I play. Well, heroes of Azeroth? Is this battle starting too soon, or are you counting down the days? Let us know in the comments!

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