Invader Studios, HakJak Games and Vassago Studios Reveal Game Character Creation & Animation Solution

It doesn’t matter how big or small a studio is, all game developers face constant challenges to deliver their game from concept to commercialization, often facing tricky tasks such as budgeting and sticking to deadlines. One solution for helping studios to not only get their games to market faster but at a reasonable price as well so they don’t go over budget is the Reallusion iClone character creation and animation solution.

Featured game developers using Reallusion’s character and facial animation tools include; Invader StudiosHakJak GamesVassago Studios and more featuring Unreal Engine, Unity and CRYENGINE. And we have some little words of wisdom about their experiences from the above devs.

First up, a video from Invader Studios about the use of the software for their game Daymare: 1998.

Next up, a video on how some of Reallusion’s software really helped HakJak Games in making their game Guts & Glory come to life.

And finally, a quote from Roman Perezogin the founder of Vassago Studios who is responsible for creating Darkness Anomaly.

“We are currently using the Reallusion tools, and this is quite amazing in multiple ways as the possibilities with iClone to re-work animations, especially in the area of facial animation are pretty fast and stunning. It’s also a huge advantage that all iClone animations and characters work surprisingly well with CRYENGINE. Creating beautiful, highly-detailed NPCs in hours, and letting them come alive in the CRYENGINE was never so easy before! We are very lucky to have found the iClone software for indie devs.

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