Interview with Anime Tattoo Artist Goretaku

by Chris Camilleri
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What’s up, guys? In this article, we have interviewed US Based Tattoo Artist Jordan LeGore, who goes by his alias Goretaku. I think one of the perks of this connected world is to explore the points of view of anyone in one particular industry or niche, and that is exactly our goal. Enjoy! (some strong language follows – user discretion is advised)

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. When did you start following anime?

I believe the first time I had ever been exposed to anime and manga was at a local library in my town. There always was a small little box in the corner next to the computers with manga just thrown in it.

Most of my friends would just ignore it and play flash games on websites but I instantly was obsessed by the art style and stories. This had to have been grade school for me.

My first manga was Dragon Ball.

What gave rise to the gamer within you? What were your first console (or PC) and game?

Growing up, honestly, I really wasn’t allowed to play games too much haha.

Most of my friends would have Nintendo consoles or a PlayStation, so I would always try to stay at their houses and get sucked into whatever worlds were in these games.

It definitely became a huge part of my childhood. My first console was a Nintendo GameCube. Sonic Adventure DX was my first game that I owned. Classic.

What are your favourite game and anime? And why?

Sonic adventure 2 battle. Definitely up there in my top 5.

The kingdom hearts series, Halo series, Final Fantasy series, and Pokémon have a place in my heart.

As for favourite anime there are SO many it’s hard to have a favourite. Studio Trigger (anime production studio, not an actual anime) is my all-time favourite. They have produced some of the best like Kill la Kill, Gurren Lagann & Darling in the Franxx. 

Were you always an art fan or was it something which came up more as an interest rather than a talent?

I grew up surrounded by art and music. Cartoons and video games were what consumed me, and it’s been a part of my life for as long as I can remember! 

How long have you been doing this now?

If we’re talking about art, I would say taking it serious about 18 years now!

Do you work as a tattoo artist full time or part-time? If it’s just part-time work, would you like for it to become your source of living?

I tattoo full time yes, don’t have anything else I’d rather be doing! I’m very fortunate to have found a passion and this trade passed down to me.

Was it hard to establish yourself in the scene? A lot of otaku get hated on just because we love anime. Did this affect you?

I think with anything you do, with time you will succeed at it. I still have many goals that I wish to pursue with my art and career and I don’t think you can ever stop establishing yourself as an artist or person. 

I feel otaku culture honestly is so much more accepted nowadays in ” normal ” society. I definitely remember at a younger age people bullying for being into anime and video games, but my friends stuck together cuz we didn’t give a fuck that’s what we loved! 

It has never affected me negatively. 

I am so open about being a nerd.

I don’t care about what anyone thinks. People are just close minded and don’t understand.

I’m that guy browsing my saved pictures of hentai in my phone while waiting in line at the grocery store.

No fucks given! Haha.

What gave rise to tattooing anime characters? Was it by request or did you start looking for / asking potential people who’d want them tattooed on themselves?

I guess it started when I did have a few friends and clients that were down to get anime and manga pieces. Growing up I had always been drawing that style and it was always a huge part of my artwork.

I found so much more enjoyment in tattooing it, opposed to doing what I had been drawing before.

I decided to take it full force and fortunately the community of artists that are involved with this style is super welcoming.

We’re all friends! Everyone loves each other’s work.

Do you do gaming and anime tattoos exclusively or do you do other designs as well?

I would say for my current portfolio and work in the future, it’s just exclusively otaku. I gain so much joy from it and having others give their trust to me. It’s always rad to give someone a tattoo of their favourite character or video game.

It’s just all around a good time.

It’s easy to vibe with people that are all into the same stuff.

Gamers rise up, know what I’m sayin’?

Do you do the sketches yourself or get them ready from online searches?

All my work is custom. Every tattoo I design is for that specific client alone.

I want to make it personal for each tattoo.

Some are recognizable characters or well-known art from a series.

However, I do all original characters as well! Those are always my favourite.

How many clients do you have on average per week? And if you don’t do exclusively anime tattoos, what do most of your clients ask for?

I generally work with one client per day. Most likely it is single session work and we have up to 8-9hr sittings for a full colour day! 

People always want their waifu’s. Can’t go wrong with your best girl! 

What is your favourite piece ever? Do you have a photo of it to show us?

Aw that’s so hard.

I enjoy each and every tattoo for its own reason. I can’t pinpoint a favourite. 

I guess one of my recent tattoos of 002 (Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx) was a rad experience. My client came from the Czech Republic to get tattooed at the studio in California. I was WOW’ed to say the least! 

Zero Two tattoo. Ah a man of culture I see

Do you have some advice for aspiring tattoo artists or any kind of artists such as yourself?

Definitely get tattoos! Hang around like-minded artists and build relationships with a studio or people if you’re looking for an apprenticeship. It’s not easy but it’s worth it if your heart is there.

I would say as stereotypical as it sounds, just don’t stop working.  We’re all our own worst critics. Never get stuck in a rut and always try to progress forward. As artists you’ll never stop learning. And there’s always something to improve on.

I have so many people I look up to myself and I always strive to achieve better each and every day. 

I’m very hard on myself and critical! 

In the end it pays off if you put the time and effort I believe.

Anything you want to plug? Twitter? Instagram? Facebook? Feel free!

You can find all my recent work on my Instagram @goretaku 

I am most active there.

My online store as well for stickers and threads every now and then!

Thanks so much to Jordan for his time and this interview and his insight into his everyday life tattooing manga, anime and gaming characters!

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