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Hunt: Showdown looks as good as ever in brand new trailer

Hunt: Showdown, one of Crytek’s upcoming titles and a game which I really want to try out, has just received a brand new trailer which explains the gist of the game. Hunt: Showdown is a gorgeous-looking monster hunting game, where players team up into groups of two and go on a bounty hunt through the beautifully designed desolate landscapes of the game world in search of their targets.



Apart from the AI monsters and the target, who will no doubt provide a challenge to your party of two, there are also four other squads navigating the same map as you, hunting the same target as you. It will then be up to the players to decide about what to do next; you can go directly for the kill and be the first to hunt the target down. This will earn you bonus points, but will result in you having to face off against the remaining squads, who will no doubt have surrounded the target’s location by then. You can also wait for a team to find or finish off the target and then ambush the team and steal the loot. It all comes to tactics, as the developers themselves said that it almost becomes a game of chess.

Hunt: Showdown also features permanent death, so all the abilities and equipment which your character possesses will be lost upon death, meaning the safest and stealthiest approach is recommended to any map. Gunshots and explosions will be heard throughout most, if not all of the map, so once again players must consider all their options before proceeding with a course of action. Naturally, if four of the five teams have been taken out, the remaining team can do all the ruckus it wants as it is in no danger of being ambushed as no human opposition is really left.


Have we mentioned that the game looks divine? Check it out in the gameplay trailer above. Hunt: Showdown will launch on Steam Early Access “soon”, in the words of developer Crytek. How soon is “soon”, is yet unknown, but we are expecting the title to launch around mid-November or early December, but always before the end of 2017.

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