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The new holder and wireless mobile charger for your car has a really clever clamping system for your mobile that allows you to put it in the holder with just one hand.

Simply hold the phone in front of the holder. An infrared sensor registers the movement and opens the motorised clamps, enabling you to put the mobile in place. The clamps will then automatically fix the mobile.

Taking the mobile out of the clamp is just as straightforward. A small soft-touch button on the side of the holder releases the clamps so that the mobile can be removed – and with one hand.

The charging is wireless, at 10W, and supporting Fast Charge.

Anders Petersen, Product Manager at Sandberg A/S, explains:

We were faced with a dilemma. When the mobile is being charged with a cable, the magnetism does, of course, make it easy to hold the mobile phone in place. But this doesn’t work so well with wireless charging. The magnetic holder interferes with the induction of the power, you see. So we decided to build a completely different solution, which we think has turned out really well.

Consumers interested in the product can find their local dealer at www.sandberg.it or buy the product online.

In Car Wireless Mobile Charger IR 10W

Item no.: 441-20
RRP incl. VAT: £36.99

In Car Wireless Mobile Charger IR 10W

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