Heavy Metal Machines is Coming to Consoles

by Chris Camilleri
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Get ready for some cross-platform mayhem

Hoplon Infotainment is thrilled to announce that Heavy Metal Machines will be coming to consoles next year. 

After a successful launch on PC, Hoplon Infotainment will be inviting console players to get behind the wheel in the Free-to-Play Multiplayer Online Vehicular Combat game Heavy Metal Machines early next year. The game will be available to play on PS4 and Xbox One, and compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Players will be able team up with friends on any platform through cross-platform multiplayer and battle each other in post-apocalyptic arenas controlling a growing selection of vehicles and weapons.

heavy metal machines

We’re very excited to bring Heavy Metal Machines to consoles. We’re looking forward to seeing console players join the fray and have people play with friends, no matter what platform they are on.” says Rodrigo Campos, CEO of Hoplon Entertainment.

Watch the trailer here

Free-to-Play but not Pay-to-Win

While Heavy Metal Machines will be Free-to-Play on consoles, PS+ and GamePass users will see some additional benefits in the form of exclusive items on their accounts. Of course, items do not affect gameplay, ranging from emotes and sprays, awesome visual effects and unique skins/models. . In addition, users will be able to unlock free items by levelling up a Metal Pass, or by buying more items in the store with Fame, the currency you earn by just playing.

On PlayStation, all players will have access to the game, requiring no PlayStation Plus subscription

About Heavy Metal Machines

Heavy Metal Machines is tactical and super fast-paced! Two teams of four players battle in challenging arenas for a bomb to deliver to the opponent’s base. Create your best team composition from 17 characters with unique features and weapons. Stay tuned as many more characters, arenas and game modes are coming!

  • Vehicular combat with MOBA influences.
  • Free to Play
  • No PS+ Required to play online
  • Cross-Platform (Windows, PS4, Xbox, compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X|S).
  • Each character (17) has its own original Heavy Metal theme song
  • Narrated by Larry Huffman, from Rock ’n Roll Racing.

Check out the game on Steam here.

And for more gaming news check out the link HERE.

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