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Heavy Metal Machines, the car-focused MOBA yet to officially release yet available in Early Access, will have its own South American championship final hosted by ESL next Sunday, the 22nd of October. Hoplon, the developers behind the vehicle-combat title, are working incessantly to ensure that the upcoming European Championship, in the first quarter of 2018, will be much better than the successful inaugural edition which occurred this year, with the intention of the final being streamed live on stage. Heavy Metal Machines‘ South American Championship winners will bag R$12,500 as well as brand new Razer Kraken headphones and in-game customization items.


Hoplon have declared that seeing how gamer interest in championships is always on the rise, they are looking to find the hottest new talents in the competitive gaming scene, which is one of their company’s core values. Taking local play to live stage finals will do wonders for the competitiveness of the game, says Head of Marketing and Publishing of Hoplon Games Tatiana Moreira.

Heavy Metal Machines is available on Steam as a Free 2 Play title, currently in Early Access.

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