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H1Z1 gets its own professional league

Daybreak Games, developers of last man standing game H1Z1, is partnering with Twin Galaxies to introduce a brand new H1Z1 Pro League. This is the first league to be introduced in the battle royale genre, and it promises to put players in the focus of the league. This means that there will be a guaranteed salary for players, as well as revenue sharing and no fee on the entry of the league, which could have been of detriment to the success of a brand new league.


H1Z1 has long been organising eSports events for the last couple of years, with appearances at DreamHack or the H1Z1 Invitational Series. In the words of Anthony Castoro, H1Z1 manager at Daybreak, Twin Galaxies are ideal partners to choose in this venture as their unique vision can help H1Z1 reach heights which are unobtainable as of yet. Having the same mantra of putting players first was also very important in Daybreak’s selection of a partner for this venture.


The H1Z1 Pro League will launch in 2018 and will be made up of 15 teams, competing over the course of two 10 week splits, with a Championship run late in the year. The league will be overseen closely by a committee made up of Daybreak representatives, as well as Twin Galaxies and H1Z1 professionals themselves. Selection will occur this fall, and all a team has to do to register is simply attending a private brief taking place at  Twitch Con on October 20th, precisely a week from now. It is important that whoever intends to attend to this brief sends an email here to RSVP. For more information, players can visit the league’s official website or follow (and spam) the official twitter of the league.


Good Luck everyone! May you be the Last Man Standing!




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