Gwent closed beta coming to a… close

CD PROJEKT RED have just announced that registrations for Gwent’s closed beta are ending this coming weekend.

Players who have received and redeemed their invite before or during the close date will still be able to play the game – an unprecented move that’s in line with just how cool the Polish devs generally are. If for some reason you haven’t signed up to the Gwent beta yet there’s still time! Head over to to get your name in the hat before it’s too late.

“Throughout Closed Beta, we’ve reworked and added a huge amount of features and mechanics to GWENT. Balance changes, numerous tweaks of how cards work and how the game flows; additional cards, a new faction and ranked play — it was an amazing ride and GWENT’s community was with us all the way,” said Benjamin Lee, Development Director at CD PROJEKT RED. “I’d like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the hours invested,” added Lee.

This is to allow CD PROJEKT RED to make some preparations for the open beta, and more details on that stage are due next week. The final weekend of the closed beta will also host the Challenger Finals – check out the trailer below to get as hyped as we are for it.

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