Go Fish with METRICMIND’s Catch & Release

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Catch & Release. Two of the biggest rules in fishing.

Between shooting aliens and inappropriately touching grown men playing as tiny anime girls it’s good to get a break in VR. The medium is full of breakneck experiences and creepy corridors, so it’s good to see it get some use as a relaxation tool.

Catch & Release Fish Bites the bait

Combining beautiful, rich environments with relaxed gameplay, Catch & Release is promising a stress-free experience that lets you take on missions or objectives as you so desire, with no pressure whatsoever. Wanna just drift around and reel in some fish? Go for it. The world is your oyster (actual oysters as yet unconfirmed).

For a better look at what it’s all about checked out Catch & Release trailer below.

The game is due to debut on Steam and Oculus on June 5th. Will you be reeling it in?

This not quite doing it for you? Well, find even more gaming news by clicking right HERE.

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