Win a Glory Fit SmartWatch with FULLSYNC

by MaddOx
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It has been a while since we’ve had a giveaway on here, we keep meaning to post them but we just lose track of time. So to help us, we decided to buy ourselves a SmartWatch we found on offer on Amazon. And we got an extra one to give away to one lucky site visitor too.

Now, it’s no Apple Watch or Samsung Gear, it’s one of those cheap imitation models you’ll see flooding the internet. But, a free SmartWatch is a free SmartWatch, right? And it does a fair bit for its rather modest price of £29.99. Just check out the list of features below:

Glory Fit SmartWatch features

  • 1.69″ Touch Screen and Exquisite Design
  • 24 Sport Modes and GPS Activity Tracking
  • Built-in Life Smart Assistant
  • 24 Hours Health Monitoring
  • Wide Compatibility and Personalized Watch: Works with both Android and iOS devices
Glory Fit SmartWatch interfaces

Now as we’re posting this out directly, this will be limited to entries from the UK only. So please, don’t waste our time or yours in entering if you’re from outside the UK. And if you have a VPN on to unblock geo-locked content on services like Netflix, make sure to turn it off before entering.

As per usual, for this giveaway, we’ll be using Gleam for you all to enter. You don’t need to complete all the options available, just one ticket will win you the SmartWatch. However, the more entries you rack up the better your chances. Here are the rest of our usual rules:

  • Entries are only eligible for UK residents.
  • Only one account is allowed per entrant.
  • Anyone found entering from outside the UK or using multiple accounts will have their entries invalidated.
  • If the prize isn’t claimed in 7 days, we will be redrawing the winner

Good Luck!

Glory Fit SmartWatch giveaway

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Giveaway page for more chances to win prizes. You can find it HERE.

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