Get Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes cheap on Oculus with Humble Bundle 19!

by VR Lars
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You can currently pick up party game smash Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes for just under $5 (about £3.67) as part of Humble Bundle 19

One player diffuses a bomb wearing a VR headset whilst your pals go through the incredibly complicated bomb disposal manual and shout instructions at you. It gets pretty mad, and is almost a guaranteed way to lose a few friends, but if you ever need to liven up an evening there’s not much better for it (I guarantee you should the FULLSYNC crew ever play it together blood would be shed).

Paying what you want now will nab you Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition, Rakuen, and Mini Metro, but for just over the price of a cup of coffee you can grab Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (Retailing on the Oculus store for £10.99) either on Steam or Oculus, along with SOMA and Polybridge. On top of that, for a little extra you can pick up SUPERHOT, but I don’t imagine that’ll come with the VR option. Please let us know if we’re wrong!

Bunch of great games, low prices. Can’t ask for more.

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