Gearbest launch Black Friday offers on a wide range of tech

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Gearbest is known to have great deals at the best of times. Specialising in products from Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Alfawise and Huawei, they tend to offer top tech at low prices. And prices are about to drop even further with their Black Friday event.

But you don’t have to wait until Black Friday, because there will be deals revealed in the run up to the big day. But that’s not all as there will even be deals over the weekend leading into Cyber Monday.

Some of the biggest discounts we’ve uncovered are:

Gearbest Warm-up of Black Friday 2019 promotion
Warm-up of Black Friday 2019

But there are plenty more deals to be had than those above. And here is how you can grab the best deals on Gearbest Black Friday and get ready for Christmas:

Mark the Black Friday sale dates down on your calendar

The sales event will last for 11 Days. The pre-sale time will start from 7:00 UTC on November 20 and end at 7:00 UTC on November 30, 2019. The sales event will reach its peak on November 28 to 30.

Maximise your savings with an $8 coupon from Nov. 20 to Nov. 26

Each user can sign in once a day, and get 2 points. Those who sign in 2 days in total can win a $3 OFF over $30 coupon. Those who sign in 3 days in total can win a $4 OFF over $40 coupon. Those who sign in 4 days in total can win a $5 OFF over $50 coupon. Those who sign in 5 days in total can win a $6 OFF over $60 coupon. Those who sign in 6 days in total can win an $8 OFF over $80 coupon. 

Search for keywords to win gifts from Nov. 20 to Nov. 29

Find keywords from the rolling text on the banner, enter the keywords in the search box on Gearbest, and you can open the gift box with surprise! 

Unlock gift boxes on the Gearbest site

There is a gift chest in different parts of each venue. Try opening it, and you might win a gift worth up to $10. 

There will be Big Coupons available for VIP visitors

By logging into the site, you can find various discounts being handed out at different times throughout the day. But, beware. These discounts are limited. You can see what and when discounts are available in the table below:

Nov. 20 to Nov. 25
8:00 AM13:00 PM17:00 PM
$10 OFF OVER $20303030
$20 OFF OVER $100151515
Nov. 26 to Nov. 30
8:00 AM13:00 PM17:00 PM
$30 OFF OVER $200303030
$50 OFF OVER $300151515

The biggest deals from Xiaomi

Gearbest will offer various Xiaomi products at the lowest prices that nowhere else can be found.

Go to the “XIAOMI BLACK FRIDAY DEALS” and find a large number of products from Xiaomi at low prices.

You can find the Xiaomi deal page by clicking HERE.

Keep an eye out for 48 hour Lightning Deals

Unsure of what to buy? Reap the benefits at all times by keeping an eye on “EXPERT ADVICE”, “COOL COUPON” and “BEST SELLER” pages.

There are all of the top products most worth purchasing on Gearbest!

Christmas Special Offers

To get ready for Christmas, you must view this holiday shopping guide Gearbest has prepared for you. You can find it by clicking HERE.

There are gifts for everyone, and great discounts to be had, with £50 off some smartwatches, £60 off a remote control car.

Any orders made can get up to 2x Points from 7:00 Nov. 20 to 7:00 Dec. 3.

During the Black Friday activity, you can earn free points for any purchase made. The higher the user level, the more points you can get.

Points are calculated at the following rates:

  • Level 0 users: 1X
  • Level 1 – Level 3 users: 1.2X
  • Level 4 – Level 6 users: 1.5X
  • Level 7 – Level 9 users: 1.8X
  • Level 10 – Level 12 users: 2X

*Refer to the time of the payment finished

Download the Gearbest App and get bonuses!

Download “Gearbest Online Shopping” from App Store or the Google Play Store, take part in the activity of “SHARE GIFTS” and you can get coupons that will help you save up to $50!

Now, check out the big surprises!

This page contains affiliate links to Gearbest. You are not by any means obliged to use these links or purchase items through them, but doing so will likely earn FULLSYNC some revenue. We won’t be using these funds to swim in though like Scrooge McDuck. No. We reinvest all our money back into the site to keep it running and to keep bringing you the best giveaways we can.

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