Gaming News roundup

It’s Saturday, so that can only mean one thing. It’s time for another Gaming News roundup.

EVERSPACE gets an update

You may recognise the name EVERSPACE from a Kickstarter campaign setup by developers ROCKFISH Games back in 2015. They managed to raise over half a million dollars from around 11,000 backers and this week saw them fulfilling the last remaining promises made to those who helped make their dreams come true.

These promises were all added to the game in the form of a major update and included and all-new Hardcore Mode, TrackIR and fully customisable HOTAS (joystick) support. Not just that but they also announced a deluxe edition of the game which allows people to get a copy of the game’s soundtrack and an art book as well.

The full game can be sourced from either Steam (£22.99 as of 19/08/2017) or (£18.39 as of 19/08/2017), but the deluxe edition is only available via Steam, fortunately, an upgrade will only cost £6.99 or £25.48 to buy the deluxe version outright.

RoVR – Man’s best virtual friend

You may remember not too long ago we featured RoVR by Ridgeline Labs in one of our #ScreenshotSaturday articles. Well, the devs have now launched a Kickstarter campaign for their game which can only be compared to a highly advanced version of the old Nintendogs games in which you would get your own pet pooch to care for and train.

The target the devs are looking to reach is $30,000 dollars, and they’ve already made over 10% of that in a matter of days. If you’d like to back the game you can do so HERE, with the minimum pledge to get a copy of the game being $20 (includes a bunch of other extras too).

Anyway, here’s the official Kickstarter trailer:


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT gets PS4 release date

It was announced by Square Enix this week that Dissidia Final Fantasy NT would be arriving on the PS4, 30th January 2018. Not just that but the game which was developed in partnership with Team NINJA from Koei Tecmo will also be getting an ultimate collectors edition featuring a steelbook case, access to the official soundtrack, a Warrior of Light bust figure and more.

Along with the release date announcement, there was also a tutorial video launched to give an in-depth look at how the game operates:


GotG: The Telltale Series Ep 3 available next week

For those of you following the Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series game, you’ll be happy to know that the third episode, ‘More than a feeling’, will be available to download next week on August 22nd.

We won’t spoil anything for you by telling you what it’s all about though, but we will leave you with the trailer should you want to see what adventures lie in your wake.


And there you have it, a quick roundup of some of the gaming news from the second half of the week. We’ll be back with more on Wednesday with our midweek roundup.

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