Gaming News roundup

Here we are again with another roundup of this week’s gaming news.

Double news whammy from Hoplon

The popular Brazillian developer Hoplon who are responsible for the hit game Heavy Metal Machines have made two announcements this week. The first of which was that they’ve gone and crowned their game’s first ever eSports tournament champion.

It was Kvasdopil of Russia who was eventually crowned champion and he was rewarded with a nice €4,000, with the remaining €6,000 of the prize pot being split amongst other competitors. If you wish you were in with a chance of winning some serious money from playing video games too, then there is no need to wait for another championship tournament, because Hoplon is going to be awarding players monthly based on their leaderboard performance.

The other piece of news out of the Hoplon camp is that a new arena is on its way to the game as well, named the Temple of Sacrifice. And here’s the announcement trailer for it so you can see it in all its glory:


Winter is Coming

For those of you who have enjoyed playing Conan Exiles in early access, there is a big announcement that’ll you’ll be happy to hear about. Developers Funcom has announced The Frozen North, a new expansion that will add 70% more landmass and a whole host of new improvements.

The expansion, which will be free, is due to be released on PC and Xbox One on the same day, with Conan Exiles hitting the Xbox One Game Preview platform on August 16th.

Here’s the announcement video explaining exactly what you can expect:


New video released ahead of Life is Strange: Before the Storm

You may remember not too long ago we brought you a video released by the developers of Life is Strange: Before the Storm showing you the relationship between Chloe and Rachel. Well, now we’ve got one to tell you the story about Chloe and David’s relationship and it’s building the hype for the game’s release perfectly.

And there you have it, a quick roundup of some of this week’s gaming news.

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