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It’s been a busy old week; recruiting new people to the site, writing stuff for our partners and spending several nights in waiting for plasterers to turn up and give us a quote to do our kitchen and bathroom. Luckily the last of those things is now sorted and we can crack on with the midweek gaming news roundup.

Girl power getting recognised

Boy or girl, it shouldn’t matter what you are. If you’re good at making games, then you’re good at making games. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t always work out fairly and there is a lot of misogynistic people out there who would claim that women have no place in games development.

We disagree wholeheartedly. I mean have you checked out the PC game Spiritlands? If not you should, but would you be able to tell it was actually made by a girl? No, because at no point can gender be identified by someone’s technical ability.

And we believe it is important to showcase more of the amazing work being done by women in the gaming industry and reward them for it. That’s why we want to share the news that Women in Games have announced a new mobile games award which is endorsed by the IMGA, and it’ll be taking places on September 6th at the European Women in Games Conference.

We’re sure whoever wins the new title will be fully deserving, but it’s important that we celebrate all those nominated because we should be encouraging more women to get into game development.

Big updates announced for Divinity: Original Sin 2

There are two main announcements in the latest update video for the game, and they are huge! Firstly we have the introduction of split-screen play, and secondly, the devs have worked in controller support. We could bore you with more words but why bother when we can share the update video with you and share the Larian Studios love.


H1Z1 Invitational returns!

If you’re a big fan of this popular game, then do we have some exciting news for you. A fan favourite Invitational which has appeared Twitchcon in the past is coming back this year when the event returns.

The Invitational will consist of three tournaments; an All Stars one, a Legends one and a Challengers tournament too. Each tournament is designed to test a certain skill level and therefore make the competition more evenly matched for those involved.

The prize pool will total $500,000 and is going to be split across each of the different tournaments, and with that much money on the table, you can bet your naming rights for your first born child that this will be one hell of a spectacle to witness.

Here’s a small video introducing the tournament’s return:

And that is all we have time for so far this week. We’ll be sure to bring you more gaming news on Saturday, but until then, if you don’t want to miss anything, why not stick on GinxTV the eSports channel, now available with all good television providers.

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