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Morning folks! Welcome to another weekend summary of the gaming news of this week!


Closers Opens up with new trailer

Upcoming anime-based episodic game Closers, developed by En Masse Entertainment, released a new trailer focusing on Sylvi, the leader of the Black Lambs. Sylvi discovered her powers during testing, and even though her potential does not compare with other members of the squad, she proves that her hard work and mental strength can get her through any situation just as well. This mental fortitude is what made her earn the leader spot of her team.

The Black Lambs is the squad which takes centre stage in Closers, and players will be taking the role of one of five characters throughout the game. Below you will find the trailer for Sylvi, but be on the lookout for more character trailers, because these will be released every Tuesday and Thursday for the next three weeks. They will feature introduction and gameplay for three other Black Lambs members: Yuri, Mistelstein and J.

Closers is currently in pre-release and accepting applications for beta testing. To sign up, follow the link here.


Kritika Online now on Steam

Hyper-stylish anime brawler Kritika Online has just launched on Steam, and to commemorate the date, it receives a new, “Fractured Memories” Update. This consists of a brand new dungeon, the Fractured Memories dungeon.  En Masse Entertainment also revealed how these Fractured Memories dungeons operate within the game; the second time entering a dungeon, you will not find the same landscapes or enemies, but content from all the game will be remixed within the dungeon, to deliver the freshest experience possible each time players enter a dungeon, and this is randomly generated at the time. This means that this update will not just add one default map to the core experience, but will provide hours of fun on top of the base game.

Moreover, En Masse also mentions that the faster one clears a dungeon, the more points one will earn. These points may then be spent to grant account-wide buffs, ranging from more gold pillaged from drops to bonus damage from sneak attacks. En Masse says they are extremely proud of where they have arrived thanks to a rich beta phase, and are now ready to take it to the next level.

Kritika Online is now available for free on Steam.



Ticket to Ride now available on PC, Android and iDevices

Classic board game Ticket to Ride has now been recreated in the digital world, thanks to Asmodee Digital, who has now years of experience in the digital board games genre. Ticket to Ride: First Journey makes its debut to the digital world with a cute instalment in the series, suited for all the family with a special eye on the young ones, as this promises to be a learning experience unlike any other.  The game features colourfully animated 3D cutscenes and dialogues, and with drag and drop commands throughout the game, it will definitely bring the children to play! This edition of Ticket to Ride contains the USA and European maps and allows players to collect train cards and claim routes and connect major cities across the map.

Ticket to Ride is available to purchase from the Appstore, Google Play and Steam.


FIFA18 officially hits shelves

Another football season, another FIFA. As the legend goes, here comes the latest instalment of the franchise which has made EA and Amazon* millions. The widest and most successful football franchise ever, FIFA’s latest iteration brings with it new graphics, which honestly do look much better than 17.  FIFA18 also brings the crowd much more into the game, with player celebrations with fans one of the best new features included. Apart from updated team sheets and new stadiums (while losing some of the most iconic in the process as well), FIFA18 has also a brand new feature: slow motion keepers! You heard that right! Thanks to this new feature you, and just as well your opponent, can score from any point you pick on the pitch if your shot is on target of course, as perfectly illustrated in the image below.

Jokes apart, FIFA18 has slowed gameplay down from 17, which one could say was an optimal choice given how good it plays, but in order to still keep players scoring a realistic 10 goals per game, it has dumbed down goalkeepers to the point where 9/10 shots go in. It has also made defending much more difficult as tackles feel slow and heavy. It does feel rewarding, snatching the ball off an oncoming attacker at the last minute, but the risks this time are much bigger. As a verdict to the game, I suggest focusing on learning to defend rather than mastering a perfect attacking combination, since attacking has become a no-brainer in the game.

FIFA18 is now available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch for the price of €59.99.

*Amazon’s increased sales are not from FIFA18 copies but from broken controller replacements.



That has been the roundup for this week. I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Until next time!

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