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So I picked up Destiny 2 toward the end of last week, and whilst I’ve enjoyed playing it I’ve not managed to get online as much as I’d have liked to. And with servers being down this week and the time for them to be back up constantly being pushed back, it looks like I’m still not going to have much joy on that front. Anyway, let’s move on to this week’s Gaming News roundup.

Overturn VR gets October release date

You’ve seen it featured a couple of times in our #ScreenshotSaturday favourites articles but now it is finished, and StudioHG has announced a release date of October 17th for their virtual reality FPS title. We can’t really put into words how awesome Overturn VR looks, all we can do is say if you like action-puzzle adventures and shooting lots of enemies, then this is right up your deadly secret laboratory, I mean street, no one mentioned a deadly secret laboratory I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Moving on… Click HERE for a link to the Steam page where you can find out more about the game, the specs required, trailers and everything else you could ever need to know.

The Fortnite/PUBG saga rages on

As we told you in the roundup last Saturday, Bluehole’s reaction to Epic Game’s Fortnite Battle Royale game mode was a very negative one. While one may argue that Bluehole may be throwing a hissy fit because of more competition entering the genre, it is important to try to understand their reasoning, which does make a little sense.

Bluehole’s reaction was thus not because of the genre becoming bigger, but because of Epic Games being involved in the competition. The publisher of PUBG are as concerned as they are because making use of Epic’s own Unreal Engine, they are afraid that any new discovery or feature which may help battle royale gameplay made by Epic will not be shared with Bluehole, and that features already discovered by Bluehole and shared with Epic may be outed to the public. Rumors are saying Bluehole are trying to establish contact with Epic themselves to try and solve the situation.

Unfortunately, guys, I have to cut it short this week due to illness, but Chris will be here on Saturday to bring you more gaming news.

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