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Good Morning lads and lasses and welcome to another weekend roundup! Let’s get on with the action then shall we?

RUINER gets a massive trailer

Devolver Digital‘s upcoming slasher RUINER gets a spectacular 18-minute gameplay video, courtesy of IGN, of the very first moments of the game, and boy does it look good. It is, after all, one of my most expected games of 2017 ever since I saw a glimpse of gameplay last year.  The video highlights well the core gameplay mechanics of the game, as well as shows how beautifully the game was designed, with an art style resembling a dark Japanese anime.

As a brief introduction for anyone who has not heard of it yet, RUINER is a cyberpunk action title situated in the year 2091. The main character, for whom we do not have a name yet, is fighting to save his brother from Heaven, which is not the afterlife but an evil corporation in the game. If this peaked your interest, check out the gameplay below.

RUINER is set to release September 26th on Steam, Xbox One and PS4.

NieR: Automata destroys the 2M sales mark

Post-Apocalyptic third-person action game NieR: Automata has recently beaten the 2 million units sold, between physical shipments and digital sales, as announced by Square Enix earlier this week. Automata, which was the sequel to sleeper hit NieR, which was released in 2010, has been much more acclaimed than its predecessor, partly because of Platinum Games developing the game. We have all come to love Platinum’s works, specifically Vanquish, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Bayonetta.

The report boasting the accomplishment of this sales figure also includes some statements which may hint at a follower to Automata, as apparently, Platinum is already searching for scenario staff. What that may mean is still uncertain, but one thing we definitely do not mind is that another NieR is developed. So, on with it Square!

N++ Coming to Xbox One

XBLA Smash hit N+ sequel is about to hit Xbox in little more than a week, and it is making its debut back when everything for Metanet, developers of the game, first showcased their talents: Xbox. N++ is a platformer much like Super Meat Boy, with a much less chunky character and levels which look like they are on LSD due to the bright colours of the background. N++ on Xbox One comes with the Ultimate edition,  including over 4000 finely-tuned levels for your enjoyment… or rather rage. It is a trial and error game and controllers WILL be smashed. I guarantee that.

Check out the launch trailer above, and see if it does not whet your appetite for the self proclaimed “The World’s Best Platformer.”

PUBG Publishers Bluehole hiss at Fortnite’s new Battle Royale mode

Earlier in the week, Fortnite developers Epic Games released a trailer in which it was showcased that their title was going to get an update which introduces a new game mode, Battle Royale, which works pretty much with the same objectives as this year’s revelation Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds. Companies and developers entering the Battle Royale market was to be expected very much, considering the large success which PUBG has found in the summer.

What few expected was Bluehole’s reaction in going public over their displeasure over Epic Games‘ new mode. They have taken it very badly indeed, and are now threatening to take further action against Epic. Funny thing is, PUBG uses Epic’s own Unreal Engine, so it would be quite a bold claim to follow up. Nonetheless, we will be following the dispute with open eyes and ears wide, and we bet so will you.


That has been the roundup for this midweek’s news. We invite you to join us again for Wednesday’s roundup. Just hope Liverpool win on Tuesday, otherwise, you’ll only get crying emojis from Josh. Toodles!

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