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Gaming News roundup

A lot to get through today so I won’t bother with the usual waffle, just straight to business:

Expand is coming to the PS4

Originally released on Steam back in 2015 by Chris Johnson and Chris LarkingExpand is now being brought to the PS4 by London based UKIYO Publishing. The game, which sees the player taking a pink square through a constantly rotating labyrinth that unfolds and expands with the intent to disorientate and harm you, will be arriving on the Sony console in both Europe and the US on October 3rd.

For those wanting a closer look at what to expect, here’s the announcement trailer:


Doomtrooper launching Kickstarter campaign

You may recognise the name Doomtrooper from the popular physical card game. Well, it could be going digital if one mans dream is made into reality, but, it all depends on an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. And who is the man with this aspiring dream? It’s Justin Reynard, the founder of Secret Cow Level. He actively sought out the owners of the IP to see if they’d be willing to team up with him, and now together with Cabinet Entertainment and original designer Bryan Winter, a crowdfunding campaign has been created, and anyone who backs it will receive access to a playable alpha once the campaign ends.

The campaign will launch on September 25th.

The Solus Project now available on PS4 and PSVR

Following critical success on both PC and the Xbox One, Monday finally saw the release of Grip Digital’s exploration adventureThe Solus Project, on the PS4 and PSVR.

Here’s the release trailer:


Popular psychological horror coming to Switch

It’s not often you get a decent horror game on a Nintendo platform, usually, you just get stuck with Luigi in a haunted mansion. Aspyr and Bloober Team are looking to change all that though as they announced this week that they’re bringing Layers of Fear: Legacy to the Nintendo Switch.

The newly developed Legacy edition will bring together the core Layers of Fear game and its Inheritance expansion and will feature support for the Switch’s HD Rumble, touchscreen control and motion controls.

Here’s the Switch announcement trailer:


Square Enix announces new survival action shooter

Square Enix announced this week a brand new survival action shooter that is to be released on PS4 and Steam. Not much has been revealed so far apart from the name, Left Alive. There’s also a short reveal trailer which features bullets, explosions and what looks like a post-apocalyptic world with helicopters carrying giant mechs over a city skyline. Personally, I think this already looks pretty intriguing and can’t wait to find out more, but I’ll leave the trailer here so you can decide what you think the game might entail yourselves.


Mantis Burn Racing drifting onto Switch

After recently reviewing the main game for the Xbox One and it’s BATTLE CARS DLC, there is more news regarding VooFoo Studios’ Mantis Burn Racing this week. That’s right, the game will soon be available to play on Switch as well as all the other popular formats, and if you’re at EGX this weekend, you can get an exclusive hands-on with the new version. Exciting times!

Battle Princess Madelyn a step closer to release

After quadrupling their Kickstarter target, Casual Bit Games have released a new trailer for their popular game Battle Princess Madelyn which is due to launch in early 2018 on PC, PS4, Vita, Xbox One, Switch and Wii U.


And that’s all we have for today, we’ll be back with more game news on the weekend as usual.

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