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As it should be customary for you viewers, this is Chris returning for the weekend roundup, which basically is just another reason to look forward to the weekend right?



Old School Runescape, the reboot of JAGEX’s incredibly popular MMO during the late dial-up period, has received a new expansion which opens up the shores of Fossil Island. It is a tad ironic since some say Runescape was alpha-tested by dinosaurs, so it will feel like a throwback for the game. Jokes apart, it is incredible how this game is still getting upgrades and new play areas after it was released so far back, it is inspiring. Probably everyone and their nan played this game since it was so popular back in the day. I remember being especially terrible at everything except woodcutting, which ended as well when I went adventuring with a mate and lost my axe. Sad times.

The new Fossil Island area was released Thursday 7th September and it is chock full of secrets for players to uncover.  Apparently, this area has long been transformed into a myth by players of the game since some documents dated around ten years ago, which makes it even more of a must-visit area for current players. Apart from new secrets, Fossil Island will bring with it new quests and missions which are directly related to Gielinor’s prehistoric era.



A new event has begun for players of the hit smartphone game Kingdom Hearts Union x[Cross]. This event is filled with iconic Disney medals and revolves around how players may earn these medals in order to power up their character along their quest. As part of the new medals brought by the limited time event, players can obtain four new Tsum Tsum medals resembling Disney cast, through a ten medal draw, which will have a 100% chance of obtaining at least one Tsum Tsum medal. Second of all, there will be quests which will reward those who complete it special event medals and other rewards, as a trophy for completing the limited time event. Last but surely not least, there is also a new Raid, for which players can team up and help each other. The reward for this last activity is tons of Raid Coins, which may be exchanged for Tsum Tsum avatar parts.

The new quests will start from the 11th of September, while the Raid will run from the 18th, and both will end on the 24th of September, while the Medal Draw will last from the 8th until the 21st, date upon which new “Pets” will be introduced into the game. As the name pretty much sums up, Pets are companions which will aid players in battle and can also be equipped with medals. As a celebration of this Pets event, players will earn 3000 Jewels as a log-in bonus, making it the biggest giveaway in the game’s history.



Nexon Korea‘s Fantasy War Tactics-R becomes a ton spookier with the addition of brand new update “Nightmare Dungeon.” This update introduces us to a new character called Mary, a sweet girl by day who becomes a literal nightmare come night. It’s a proper impersonation of Jekyll and Hyde, and it has the potential to rock the games’ mechanics hard.

The game receives a new Nightmare Dungeon Challenge mode, where players must break through the nightmares before the hero awakens, so as to save them from having to remember all the terrible experiences of the night just passed. Two challenge modes are available with the update, and more will be added later on. The second update to the game is in the form of an equipable item called Hero’s Mark, which is a reward for completing the Nightmare Dungeon. The item is very functionally similar to the Soul Gear item, which given its popularity, will have a great effect on Hero’s Mark as well.



Brand new Metroidvania-esque title Evil Genome has been released on Steam, and it promises to kick ass as stylishly as possible. The game’s main character, Lachesis, has a passion for inflicting pain with both her sword and her gun and promises to eradicate all evil from the Wasteland.  Developed by Crystal Depths, a 10-man studio based in China, Evil Genome is a 2D side-scrolling platformer with non-stop action. It also adds style to the game by adding outfits which will make Lachesis more badass than before.

Evil Genome also promises depth with a large skill tree which will enable Lachesis to embrace new powers as well as increase her abilities. You are also able to revisit past areas in search of loot and side quests, of which there seem to be a lot. Enjoy the launch trailer below, and like me, you’ll be blown away by how good the game looks.

Evil Genome is available now on Steam for the price of €14.99.


That has been the roundup for this week. Now since I just picked up a copy of Destiny 2, I will no longer do any round ups until 2020, which will probably be when Destiny 3 is announced at E3. So until then, you’ll have to bear with Josh! Nah jokes, I will still be around. Until next week, cya!

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