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As our hero Joshua is currently at Insomnia 61 looking for people weird enough to be able to relate to, he left me in charge of doing the Saturday news roundup. So, without further ado, here it goes!

BATTLEJACK released on Mobile devices

A new take on the very popular card-based genre which is recently taking the gaming landscape by storm, Battlejack is a new game from developers NEXON and Grand Cru which has been released on iOS and Android devices on Friday 24th August. Battlejack will send players journeying against the evil forces inhabiting the magical world of Midgard.

Battlejack is in fact named thus because it takes elements from the hugely popular card game Blackjack, and fuses them into an action RPG with over 100 levels and which also features asynchronous PvP battles and guilds. Having said that, the game is not directed only at hardcore players but it also welcomes casuals too, since its gameplay is relatively simple with a touch of strategy to entice players to always want to improve themselves.

Battlejack can be downloaded for FREE from Google Play and App Store today.

Hungry for VR

Studio229 are proud to be releasing their first Virtual Reality game titled Hangry Bunnies from Mars. While the name may sound a little bit over the top, the gameplay definitely reflects it to perfection, as it is an adrenaline rush all the time. That is unless you get dizzy from VR, like me.

The game basically revolves around the Critter Death Squad, an organisation which is continuously pumping clones in an effort to fight these mysterious alien bunnies, with kick-ass weaponry developed by the team’s own scientists.

If this has not yet convinced you to try the game, you can check out a gameplay trailer below, which shows the basic gameplay mechanics as well as an awesome number of weapons which you will get to use should you decide to buy the game.


Hangry Bunnies from Mars is available now on Steam and will set you back €14.99. It currently only supports HTC Vive for VR Modes but Oculus Touch support should be on its way soon, so stay tuned to the official website for the latest updates.

RE:LEGEND makes 9 times the funding goal

Monster-raising RPG Re:Legend has destroyed its funding target for its Kickstarter campaign, collecting the incredible sum of S$630,000. Its original funding goal was a “mere” S$70,000 but backers have been incredibly numerous and generous.

Having achieved this much donation, developer Magnus Games is happy to announce the launch of Re:Legend on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles alongside the already announced PC version. You can find the trailer for the game below, to see for yourselves what the hype is all about.


SECRET OF MANA Remake heading to Vita, PS4 and Steam early next year

A 1993 classic regarded as one of the finest role playing game out there will be remade for PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 and Steam, and will be releasing on 15th February 2018, as announced today by Square Enix. As is customary nowadays with remakes or remasters, the new version of Secret of Mana will have enhanced audio and graphics, with the latter consisting of the rebuilding of the whole map in gorgeous 3D visuals. Gameplay will also be reflecting these changes as an effort is being made to modernise the game more and make it more enjoyable for fans of today’s RPGs.

To rekindle your heart with those sweet memories playing through the game, or to learn what the game consists of, check out the announcement trailer below.


MINECRAFT Story Mode Complete Adventure pack now available

Consisting of all the eight episodes of the game which has taken the world by storm a couple of years ago, Minecraft: Story Mode The Complete Adventure launched August 25th. Available for both physical purchase and Digital download, Mojang‘s classic hit’s story version, which includes the five chapters from the season pass and the further three from the Adventure pass, will also be making their way to Nintendo Switch.

You can check out all the blocky goodness of the launch trailer below.


That has been fun! To wrap things up, I wish you a Happy Weekend, and we will see you again next week with the midweek roundup.

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