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Gameblast18 raises over £100,000 for Special Effect

You may have heard SpecialEffect; a charity which was established to help those with life restricting disabilities enjoy playing video games. And like all charities, they often rely on donations and fundraising to help keep operating and trying to help people the best they possibly can for as long as they can.

Well, the other week, starting from 12 noon on the 23rd February, JAGEX decided to host a 24-hour Gameblast telethon based at their Cambridge HQ in order to help raise funds for the worthy cause. People were playing and streaming games for a solid 24 hours, which is a lot easier than it sounds. And news has just arrived that following their tremendous efforts, over £100,000 has been raised.

Here’s a little highlights reel to show you what happened, and below that a team photo of all those who made it to the end of the stream.

They may look all happy and cheery, but they all just really want to get to bed.


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