FULLSYNC’s #ScreenshotSaturday favourites

Hello once again folks, and welcome to this week’s #ScreenshotSaturday favourites article. It’s been a busy week behind the scenes with some awesome work being done including Chris’ review of Victor Vran, exciting news from the Indie world as well as the big boys and we even launched a giveaway for two copies of VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum.

We’ll continue to bring you more of the same quality content, and what better way than by posting our latest #ScreenshotSaturday feature.

First up this week we have the PC game NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings by developer Solidmesh. What caught our eye about the game this week was a short clip showing off the view from the cockpit from one of their spacecraft; the game not only looks great but has some pretty sweet background music too. If you like the look of this arcade flight combat game, it is currently available on Steam Early Access to allow gamers to work with the developers on improving and perfecting their work, a great way for people to get involved in the gaming community.


Next up is a familiar face who has made this article before, My Friend Pedro; Blood, Bullets, Bananas by DeadToast Entertainment. This is an amazing looking game in which you play an assassin who at times seems to defy the laws of physics as he flips, flops, flings and swings his way around each level whilst taking out each one of his targets.

The third inclusion this week is a behind the scenes look at what developers see when they’re constructing their games in UE4. More specifically a game that involves Zombies!!!!


And finally, it wouldn’t be one of my #ScreenshotSaturday articles if I didn’t fit in a horror title, and this week we have Rise of Insanity by Red Limb Studios. This title is for PC and has VR support and we really liked this screenshot we found with the silhouette of someone off in the distance. Again this is another title that will be available of Steam Early Access, so definitely check it out if you get chance.


And that’s all we have. We’ll see you again next week; same time, same place. Stay safe!

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