FULLSYNC’s #ScreenshotSaturday favourites

We’re officially half way through the year guys, which means FULLSYNC is officially six months old. Time has flown ever since we started things up and we’ve already been given some amazing opportunities and made some great new friends. We’ve got our fingers crossed that the rest of the year goes just as well, if not better. Between now and then we’ll hopefully bring you more news, reviews, opinion pieces and not to forget, there’ll be plenty more from our #ScreenshotSaturday feature too, which I’m writing for you all now as I type out this unnecessary introduction that no one probably reads anyway.

Our first inclusion in this week’s featured article is from Triple Scale Games and the current title they’re working on called Save Your Nuts. The game, which will be available on PC upon release, is a physics-based multiplayer football party game in which dogs and squirrels face off against each other. The image they shared yesterday on Facebook just shouted out to us to be included in this week’s feature.


Following that, we’ve got something very different from Brutalus Entertainment whose motto is “we make bloody games“. And it is hard for us to say that they don’t live by their words in this sneak peek of a game they’re working on, showing a clip of what looks like Adolf Hitler being tortured in retro-style pixelated graphics. You don’t want to be messing with these guys anytime soon.


And last but by no means least we’ve got a returning face. The appSide down team who are working on Escape Doodland have been adding sounds to their already solid graphical work, and it doesn’t half make a difference to the game, even just in the menus. Can you imagine watching Jaws without the famous “Duh Nuh….Duh Nuh….Duh Nuh Duh Nuh Duh Nuh” it just completely changes the way you view things by adding a few little noises here and there.


And that is all we have time for this week, unfortunately. But don’t fret, we’ll be back here again next Sunday with more of our finds from the indie developers of the world.

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