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Well, it’s been a strange old week, hasn’t it? Hottest day of the year one second, thunder and lightning the next. Almost a bigger u-turn than some of those made by the Tories during their general election campaign. Hopefully, everyone has been enjoying the weather though, I myself personally find it a tad too hot, but it makes for a good excuse to go sit in a beer garden. Anyway, enough of my rambling, time for this week’s #ScreenshotSaturday feature article.

The first game we’re featuring this week is Call to Arms. Developed by digitalmindsoft, this game focus on modern era combat; tanks, helicopters and a good selection of heavy weaponry. What makes it stand out from other games including AAA titles like CoD and Battlefield is the game doesn’t have one set game style. One minute you’re in a first-person shooter, next you’re in vehicular combat and then you’re playing a real-time strategy game; best of all, it’s you who decides how you play. Here’s a little clip showing off some of their content.


Next up, something we thought was a little unusual. According to Dominik Jicha of Paperash Studio, it’s sometimes easier to make an indie game out of paper. We can’t comment either way if it is or it isn’t, but it sure looks damn cool.


And our final featured content is a few screenshots from the drone racing game, DroneTopolis developed by Circle Square Entertainment. The views as you fly around racing against other gamers on PC and Mac are stunning, and if the quality of detail that has gone into the environments is anything to go by, this should be a great game. Also much safer than flying a real drone as it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg if you botch up your landing and smash your drone into pieces.


And that concludes our #ScreenshotSaturday feature this week. Hopefully, you’ve seen something you like and you’ll go check these guys out on their respective social media pages and visit their websites too. See you back here next week. Cheerio folks.

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