FULLSYNC’s October Giveaway – Win a Hoodie

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Hello folks, it has been a while. We didn’t have a full-on monthly giveaway last month as we usually would, as we instead decided to donate a prize for a charity raffle. The prize was donated to Everyone Can, a charity aiming to help children with disabilities get their game on, and we helped raise £500. But we’re back this month, and we’ll be giving away one lucky person their very own FULLSYNC Hoodie.

Why a hoodie you ask? Well, apart from wanting you to look stylish in a snazzy FULLSYNC Hoodie, winter is coming and we’re already feeling the chills, so what better than something to help you keep warm whilst you get your game on. You don’t just have to wear it while playing games though, you can wear it out and about as well and sport your lovely new top on the streets of your local town. Then, when people ask where it’s from, you can point them this way to show them where they can get their own from our merch store hosted by Gamers Apparel, getting 5% off by using code FULLSYNC19.

FULLSYNC Grey contrast Hoodie available at the Gamers Apparel merch store

But now the sales pitch is over, it’s time to get back to the giveaway. All you have to do, as per usual, is enter our giveaway via the Gleam portal below. And don’t forget to come back each day for free daily entry, and get up to 50 extra entries for referring friends successfully.

As long as Gamers Apparel cover shipping to your area, of which there is a wide coverage around the globe, we’ll post the item out to you. If you, unfortunately, live outside of their delivery bounds, we’ll see what we can do to help, but no promises. If that is the case, the prize will be redrawn.

We also won’t tolerate people trying to get an unfair advantage by entering with multiple accounts. So if we can evidence anyone who is doing so your entries will be invalidated.

And that’s the end of the serious talk. You can now get entering our giveaway. Good luck everyone.

FULLSYNC Hoodie Giveaway

Don’t forget to keep checking our giveaways page HERE to make sure you don’t miss out on our latest giveaways.

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