FULLSYNC’s Name Your Game giveaway #2

by MaddOx
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Due to the dark times we’re living through at the moment, with people locked down in their homes to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we thought we’d bring back a popular giveaway from last year. The Name Your Game giveaway.

That’s right, we’re bringing back the chance for you to pick your own prize, as we ask you to Name Your Game.

The only catch is that you must pick it for a current-gen console or for PC, no super rare SNES games allowed sorry, and we’ll also only be supplying a standard edition copy, so no all singing all dancing steel book edition with 20ft figurine included. Still, a free game of your choice is still pretty badass if you ask us. We will, however, also pre-order an unreleased game for you. Cause we’re nice like that.

Before you enter though, here’s the boring bit you should probably read. Entries are only eligible for UK residents and only one account is allowed per entrant. Anyone found entering from outside the UK or using multiple accounts will have their entries invalidated.

So, whether you’ve not got onto the Animal Crossing: New Horizons bandwagon yet, or you want to pre-order the eagerly anticipated Command & Conquer Remastered Edition, just let us know. Because that’s the game we’ll be sending out to you!

Good luck everyone! And don’t forget to Stay Home and Stay Safe!

Enter the Name Your Game giveaway below

FULLSYNC’s Name Your Game giveaway #2

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